Lalitha Devi vor 20 Jahren

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20 years back Lalitha Devi started to use not only the indian dance as a medium to convey her message , bur also the western Panomime in rembrance of the famous Maestro Marcel Marceau and symbolising the human with the continous masks ; her own way of combining lyrics with dance using the handgestures of the classical indian dance and modern dance in order to reach out to the youth people with their music as forinstance with the song frozen , which should depict a soul being imprisoned.or the human being as everybody yearning for the real LOVE but undergoing a great desillusion with the symbol of a fallen rose ( as in one scene )or the theme of death as in the last scene to the music of Andreas Bocchelli time to say good bye ......more infos about the contempory www.indischertanz.deLalitha Devi Management Studio Shakti

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