Unabhängigkeit im Denken

Wegen der massenhaften Informationen in der "vernetzten Welt" ist es schwieriger geworden, kritisch und unabhängig sich eine Meinung zu bilden. Es ist besser alleine zu sein, als bequem mit zu schwimmen mit Überzeugungen der Menschenmassen und Experten.

In unserer Welt sind die Experten leider nicht unabhängig genug von Interessen der Politik und des Einflusses der Medien. Überall gibt es Experten, aber wenige kritische Leute

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  • Update 30.03.2022

    About the harmful sanctions and ambiguity of the Germans and NATO

    That just the NATO and the Germans react so decidedly sharply with sanctions against Russia's has also historically seen little logic: Because in the Kosovo war the NATO attacked on 24 March 1999 from the air. This operation lasted until June 9, 1999.

    NATO attacked the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia without attacking a member country and thus triggering NATO's alliance case.

    NATO's attack in the Kosovo war was justified as a measure to protect against further human rights violations.But this is exactly Russia's justification for the war against Ukraine.

    The aggressive sanctions of NATO member states are intended to hit Russia's economy as hard as possible. This means that all the people in Russia who have nothing to do with the war have also been affected.Not enough of the damage. Because the sanctions act like a boomerang onEurope!Because as a reaction to these brutal sanctions Putin demanded that the gas payments of the unfriendly EU countries to Russia should only be paid in rubles. The G7 countries and the EU, however, agree thatthis is a breach of contract and reject Putin's demand. Now the Austrian government is preparing for an emergency, because 80% of the gas needed in Austria comes from Russia.Putin's ultimatum expires on Wednesday. If oil and gas are not paid for in rubles, there is a threat of a delivery stop.

    And that will hit the entire population in Austria particularly hard. Especially those who have little money.
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