In each end the new beginning is born

Therefore do not be sad if you lose seemingly

Let go and break on the wandering

Star, Wind and the music of nature will be your faithful friends

A sunbeam up inside you meet

Embark on

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  • I have often been angry when people are ignorant.
    Today I know that my ignorance is almost infinite.

  • I´m not more worth or less than a small animal.
    Ignorance accompanies me, wherever I go

  • Yoga is the overcoming of selfishness.
    Modesty and renouncing of power and influence.
    Whether President, or Master, or a small animal...
    Everything is the same 17.07.2017

  • 2.07.2017

    Of the greatness of the soul

    Capitalism is poison for the soul.
    It dumps the dignity. It robbs the most precious thing in the world: freedom.
    Capitalism and Catholicism have destroyed and dragged the soul of man and woman.
    Nowadays people can not even die dignified.

    A soul of an animal is nowadays much reacher, than a soul of a man/woman.

    The destruction of nature also advances relentlessly in Salzburg city.
    With this, people destroy their own foundation!

    Since capitalism also has the mass media in hand,
    All power have the capitalism!

  • Autonomy is freedom

    In my life, autonomy is very important.
    In our society always is called "do this, do that ...".
    The school is foreign taxation.
    Religion is foreign control.
    The working world is largely external control.
    Our thoughts are influenced by the rulers.

    Independence is one of the highest values on this earth.
    That is why I love creativity

  • Wo ist Prana?
    Prana ist überall, außer in den Köpfen der Menschen

  • What is for me most important
    is to be friend of nature, animals, children and for the heart.
    A friend of the heart means to me renouncing all material benefits, to live in simplicity.
    To renounce everything.
    Because the human soul is a highly ambivalent soul, I want renounce of a car, and waive any titles.
    Life is very short:
    Mental size primarily and secondarily the art determine my existence
    May heaven help me this - to go my way.
    May I be connected to the sky before I'm dead.

    Thought 8.06.2016

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