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Surya und Gayatri

Hallo Ihr Lieben,

hier möchte ich eine Studien-Gruppe über Surya und Gayatri starten.

Wenn Ihr gute Texte etc. zum Thema habt, könnt Ihr sie hier mit anderen teilen

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Hallo Ihr Lieben,hier ein paar Links zum Thema Surya / Sun Yoga:1. Suryayog2. Sunyoga3. Solar-healingDie Links sind leider auch alle auf Englisch.

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Surya: Sonne & Astronomie

Gestartet von Sportsman777 7. Feb 2013. 0 Antworten

Hallo zusammen,wie geht´s? Ich möchte hier eine Diskussion über Surya - "Sonne" - in Bezug auf die Astronomie starten. Erst einmal noch der Wikipedia-Link zur…Weiterlesen

Gayatri Blog

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Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 25. August 2012 um 9:58pm
Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 15. März 2012 um 3:05pm

Hallo Ihr Lieben, ich hoffe, der Link funktioniert gut:
Sacred Morning Chants

Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 15. Februar 2012 um 11:18pm

Hallo zusammen, hier ist ein schöner Text über Yagya - indische Feuer-Rituale - es wird auch Bezug zum Gayatri hergestellt: Gayatri als Mutter, Yagya als Vater der Veden - die Kombination beider soll daher besonders segensreich sein.


Alles Liebe

Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 16. November 2011 um 11:20pm
Ein sehr schönes Buch ist auch Surya Yoga von Rudra Shivananda (siehe Amazon) - es hat knapp 160 Seiten und stellt ein paar schöne Übungsfolgen zum Nachmachen vor. Eine Mischung aus Reiki/Prana-Heilkunde, Chi Gong/ Asana Flow, Pranayama, Mantra.
Insgesamt eine schöne Ergänzung zum Sonnengruß im Freien.
Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 19. Oktober 2011 um 12:21am
Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 4. Oktober 2011 um 3:01pm
Benefits of chanting Gayatri Mantra:

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der kurzen und langen Version vom Gayatri Mantra? Kann mir die Frage wer beantworten? Es ist auch noch ein Link mit den Gayatri Mudras unten - kann dazu auch jemand was erklären?
Liebe Grüße, Hannes

Long version of Gayatri with Mudras :

AUM bhUH, AUM bhuvaH, AUM svaH, AUM mahaH
AUM janaH, AUM tapaH, AUM satyam
AUM tatsaviturvarenyM bhargo devasya dhImahi
dhIyo yo nH prachodayAt.h.
AUM Apo jyotiH rasomRRitaM
brahma bhUR bhuvaH svar AUM..

Hier noch ein paar Links: (Gayatri Mantra and Gayatri Mudras Yoga by Acharya Keshav Dev ) (Gayatri Mudra Sequence) (Philosophy)
Kommentar von Sukadev Bretz am 29. September 2011 um 7:23am

Meditative Mittelstufe Yogastunde mit Gayatri Mantras

Bharata leitet dich zu einer Yogastunde an, in welcher die verschiedenen Gayatri Mantras rezitiert werden. Sehr meditativ und erhebend. Weiter zur Gayatri Mantra Yogastunde

Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 28. September 2011 um 1:11am
Gayatri Sadhana - How and Why?

Kapitel: A simple and safe mode of daily Gayatri Upasana
Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 27. September 2011 um 11:39pm
Kommentar von Sportsman777 am 27. September 2011 um 4:43pm

In order to attain Brahmavarchas or divine light, there are many high statured spiritual practices. Their methods and fruits are varied. In this book it is not possible to describe them. Spiritual practices of manifestation of divine light which help attract the vital force of Savita / Savitri / Gayatri and ripen them in one’s soul, is one such amongst high statured spiritual practices and meditation methods. In a certain manner it is self-fulfilled and one can take its help for carrying out Gayatri Meditation.

Preliminary spiritual practices involve worship of Mother’s photograph. It is of great importance as far as purification of devotional sentiments and intensification of faith is concerned. Despite this one has to take help of higher leveled meditation techniques for attaining the goal of spirituality. Due to meditation on the idol of God one attains the power of intuition, power of predicting the future, dreams that depict future events, vision of Goddess and manifestation of divine sentiments in one’s psyche. As against this the 3 types of Muktis (salvation) viz. Salokhya (dwelling in God’s abode), Sarupya (attaining God’s own form) and Sayujya (becoming one with God) are the foundation stones of Self-Realization. This state is achieved when one practices merging of one’s psyche into Gayatri’s radiant light. It further results in a trance (Samadhi) which is an intense state of merging one’s soul into divine light. Such a spiritual seeker experiences a merging with Savita’s light and experiences the cosmic soul (God). From this standpoint it is most required that one undergoes spiritual practices that lead to manifestation of divine light.

For this there is no need of photographs or images. If at night one’s eyes open, one can execute them while lying down on bed. One can meditate even on an armchair. While keeping the body in a relaxed state and focusing of the mind, one must perform spiritual practices at convenient times. What is the time limit? This depends on how much time you can spare. This time should be partitioned in a 3-fold manner. In the first part strive for manifestation of divine light in the physical body, in the second part strive for manifestation of divine light in the subtle body and in the third part strive for manifestation of divine light in the causal body.

The inspirational rays of the Lords’ divine light always flow in the subtle world. Any spiritual seeker can imbibe this via faith, mental concentration and devotional meditation as explained in this book. Those spiritual seekers attached to the Gayatri Parivar should spare 2 hours for this spiritual practice. In that one experiences one’s energy flow contacting Great Divine Powers and one gets special joy while meditating at such times. These times are at 8-10 p.m. at night and 3 to 5 a.m. in the morning. One must utilize time during these hours for meditation as per one’s convenience.

In the beginning stages the time used should not exceed half an hour both in the morning and evening. Slowly this half an hour can be extended to one hour. One can meditate also in the early part of night and its final phase. Both together should include time between 1 and 2 hours. At the most utilize 2 hours for the entire day of 24 hours. If excess divine light is imbibed, it creates difficulties. Hence imbibe only as much as it can be digested. It is the devotee himself who will decide at what time will he perform these spiritual practices, how many times, in what manner etc. Based on one’s circumstances one must make necessary schedules and make sure that this schedule is followed implicitly. In order that we attain our spiritual goal it is apt and most required that there be a specific time span and apt circumstances. Spiritual practices that lead to manifestation of divine light should be carried out as follows: -

1) Relax every part of the body. Devotionally feel that the mind, body and soul are absolutely calm, devoid of worries and blissful. By thinking thus for 5 minutes one attains peace in one’s psyche which helps meditation.

2) Meditate on the fact that divine light pervades all corners of the world. Light is spread out above, below, within, without etc. From the sun, Mother Gayatri’s aura is approaching you and that you are surrounded on all sides with Gayatri’s divine light.

3) Through various bodily openings this divine light is slowly entering every organ and skin pore of the body. The heart, lungs, liver, intestines, head, hands and legs are imbibing this divine light so as to get apt nourishment. Our tongue, genitals, eyes, ears, nose etc. are being illuminated by this light and thus are also being sanctified. Their lack of sense control is being burnt to nought. This light of sacredness is purifying every pore of the body.

First meditate on the thought that our bodily blood, flesh, bones etc. are manifesting divine light. Then after meditating on its strong, sacred, zestful and illumined form, meditate on the subtle body. The brain (head) is the abode of the subtle body.

4) Meditate on the fact that innumerable centers of mental energy and thoughts are hidden in the tender particles spread out in the brain. Gayatri light has entered all these centers and all these particles shine like jewels.

5) As soon as this divine light enters one’s psyche it destroys its spiritual ignorance, lack of self control, selfishness, delusion, fear and attachment and replaces all these with discrimination, higher thinking, balance of mind and sacred aspirations. This light of Mother Gayatri converts our ordinary thinking to the viewpoint of great men. Further we are imbibing this divine light with greater faith and measure in our brain.

6) Meditate on the thought that the infinite manifested light of interstellar space is entering the light (that measures one thumb) present in our heart. This thumb like light’s narrowness is being warded off and is attaining greatness. Thus a give and take bond is established between micro (living being) and macro (God).

7) The small light of a living being is conjoined to the supreme light of God like the proverbial moth who gets burnt in a flame. We are surrendering our lowly ego by giving Ahutis (sacred offerings) of it to the gigantic Yajna fire Who is none other that Almighty God. Like the Indian partridge (red legged) it experiences joy by looking upon this divine light as the moon. Thus it experiences untold bliss.

8) As a result of this sacred union, waves of good-will towards the entire world rise in the psyche. Ideals and greatness have attained fulfillment. One’s aspirations to follow the Lord’s commands and ideals, intensify further. By visualizing the Lord in every atom of the cosmos, one realizes firmly that “The world is united as a single family.” One imbibes the ideal of “Service towards all world creatures” and thus one tastes the bliss of devotion to one’s beloved Lord.

The greatest force that bestows material and spiritual life in this world is spirituality. With its help man realizes his true nature (Who am I? I am the soul and not this physical, gross body). He sees at an experiential level that all living beings are part and parcel of One Super Power and they can experience a sense of oneness with this Super Power. These divine sentiments infinitely augment our energy. Via spiritual practices of “Divine light manifestation” man experiences the true nature of the all-pervasive soul principle. The more this subtle experience intensifies, the more one’s soul experience, self-realized state and experience of being the soul and not the body, intensifies.


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