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Story of a King's Pride Humbled - Acharya Harilalji tells an Ancient Yoga Story

The pride of strong men can be humbled by small incidents. Acharya Harilalji tells a story of how a very strong and powerful king got frightened. This ancient Yoga story shows how easily one can get into fears - and how one can go beyond fears. Acharya Harilalji is coming from India. He is director of Arsha Yoga Ashram in Kerala . He is giving seminars and Yoga Therapy Training Courses at Yoga Vidya Germany. This Talk is recorded from a live Satsang at Yoga Vidya Germany. English with German Translation.


Kommentar von cosmodeva am 27. August 2012 um 6:22pm
Danke für dieses Video. Das Thema läuft seit einige Tagen im Forum. Erst Mal sich selber gestehen dass man auch Angst hat ist schon ein großer Schritt.
Kommentar von Yoga Vidya am 21. Juni 2016 um 1:44pm
Das Video "Story of a King's Pride Humbled - Acharya Harilalji tells an Ancient Yoga Story" kannst du alternativ mit diesem Videoplayer anhören:


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