Ignorance, guru and change of attitude - James Swartz - Yoga of Love, Vedanta, Bhakti Sutra Narada

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Trust in a guru? Manipulation and guru. Respect teachers with knowledge. Don’t hand over your trust to a teacher simply because you are suffering. If your heart is pure ishvara will give you the right guru. You should be able to recognise fear in you and root it out. What is maya? You have to act to change your life. Change your attitude, start loving the right things and do dharmic actions that produce beneficial results, i. e. sattva. If you surrender and stay passive your life won’t change. Justifications to keep negative thoughts don’t make sense. You punish yourself when you hang on to negative thoughts. Low self esteem motivates you to punish yourself. It’s just as easy to trust. Associate with good people and good thoughts. Spiritual people are samsaris dressed up in spiritual clothes. Tanmatras. Causal body causes you to do actions to feel better. Problem is that you have the wrong idea of who you are in the first place. Enlightened people are happy to turn over their karma to ishvara. Shankara: Self knowledge removes ignorance as light removes darkness. The thought ‘I am small, I am inadequate’ generates all the actions to feel better. Destroy it with the opposite thought. Obstacle is attachment to ignorance. Ignorant people defend their beliefs when you suggest an alternative attitude. Ask yourself: is there any evidence that something is wrong with you? You should question what you have been told in light of your values and svabhava. A feeling is not a command. The tendency to fool yourself is very strong. A real guru and the scripture prevent you from that. You have to put you in a situation where you don’t get egoic. Verse 48: “Who is capable of crossing Maya? The one who transcends the pairs of opposites and renounces the materialistic point of view.” You are valuable with normal hair. You don’t have to be special. Verse 49: “Who is capable of transcending Maya? The one who renounces even the Vedas and obtains exclusive and unbroken love of God.” You contribute your love to the world. More Vedanta seminars. More english yoga seminars: yoga-vidya.org/english/ Please visit Yoga Vidya for more inspiring talks and spiritual community: yoga-vidya.org/english/seminars/.

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