Gunas, devotion and values - James Swartz - Yoga of Love, Bhakti Yoga, Bhakti Sutra, Narada

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How to overcome tamas? When you are rajasic and succesful you have no time to pay attention to yourself. Stuck in sattva. Danger of vanity and stop of growth. Verse 58: “Success is easier to attain by informal devotion than by any other means.” If you bring discipline into your life you do things that are good for you and your self esteem grows. Verse 59: “Devotion is easiest because it does not depend on any other authority; it is self-validating.” In Vedanta you have to live according to the scripture. Verse 60: “Furthermore, devotion is the embodiment of peace and supreme joy.” Verse 61: “Once all worldly and spiritual duties are consigned to God, the devotee need not worry about gain and loss.” Ishvara takes care of your worldly affairs. Do the best every day and then see what happens. Manusha the one who thinks and worry. Verse 62: “To attain non-dual devotion, do not abandon responsibilities in this world, but surrender the results of all actions to the Lord.”Expression of Karma Yoga. When you give the actions to the Lord then your worry stops. Karma Yoga and gratitude. Gratitude as a sadhana. Honesty and purity. Verses 63, 64: “Don’t chase money or entertain yourself with sex. Don’t compromise your values and don’t quarrel with others. Relinquish false pride, hypocrisy and other vices.” Fearless moral inventory is necessary. 12 step program. Sorting out spiritual and material values. Fully assimilate the good values, renounce the bad values. In the Bhagavad Gita the values are called knowledge. More Vedanta seminars. Donate to appreciate our work More english yoga seminars: Please visit Yoga Vidya for more inspiring talks and spiritual community:

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