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This prārthana is chanted at the beginning of a vedic chanting session. It is a chant dedicated to the god Gaṇeśa, remover all obstacles

गणानं त्वा गणपतिं हावमहे
gaṇānaṃ tvā gaṇapatiṃ hāvamahe
hāvamahe { pr. r. [1] pl. 1 }[hū] √ हू hū var. hve v. [1] pr. (hvayati) pr. r. (hvayate) v. [1] pr. r. (havate) pft. (juhāva) aor. (ahvat) pp. (hūta) pf. (ā, vi) appeler | convoquer, inviter | défier — ps. (hūyate) être appelé, être convoqué — ca. (hvāyayati) convoquer, faire appeler.

Salutations to Gaṇapati, chief of the hosts of attendants of Śiva.
Wisest of all, abundantly glorious, the only true reflection of the Supreme
May your blessings be upon this (ritual, practice, undertaking)
Please be happy with us, give us your protection and Grace
and be in our hearts.
May our efforts be pleasing to you and be blessed.
I bow to the great Lord Gaṇeśa (Gaṇapati).


Kommentar von Sukadev Bretz am 7. August 2009 um 7:24pm
Wunderschönes Mantra - danke.


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