CAPOEIRA @ Xperience Festival – Janaina Crivelli & Bobby Gomez

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At the Xperience Festival 2018, we made interviews with lots of unique and wonderful artists, that where our guests and performed at the festival. We asked all of them what is Consciousness, what is life, and why they choose their way of express themselves. Enjoy this very special view on this artists we love so much. Capoeira is nothing but love. Thank you JANAINA & BOBBY for being part of our Festival Xperience. The Xperience Festival is a holistic Yogaandsomuchmore -Festival held in Germany from Europe biggest Yogaassociation: Yoga Vidya e.V. It startet 2017 and its focus is to create a space for all conscious work, for healing, for practicing yoga in all traditions and most important, to create a place for heart opening and lots of fun. Das Xperience Festival ist ein Projekt des Yoga Vidya e.v. und fand im Jahr 2017 das erste Mal statt. Klassische Yogaelemente treffen auf Biofood, Lifestyle, Musik und Aktivismus. Ein Fairtrade Marketplace und ein Plantbased Food Catering runden das ganze gekonnt ab.

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