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i asked the lord for a
bunch of fresh flowers
but instead he gave me
an ugly cactus with
many thornes.

i asked the lord
for some beautiful
but instead he gave me
many ugly and
dreadful worms.

i was threatened.
i was disapponted.
i mourned.

but after many days,
i saw the cactus
bloom with many
beautiful flowers,
and those worms became
beautiful butterflies
flying in the spring wind.
god´s way is the best way.

Chun-Ming Kao(writing from prison)

The more I am here at Yoga Vidya in Bad Meinberg the more I grow . I feel how spiritually loaded this place is and I realy wonder how close to paradise I am. When I walk aronud in the building get the feeling that everything works together in a great and unmeasurable harmony for obtaining this auspicious mood.
A long walk in the park after a delicious vegetarian lunch.I have nice company...sun,birds and the uniqoue smell of may.



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