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A call-and-response chanting performed in India's devotional traditions.
A person performing kirtan is known as a kirtankar.
The roots of kirtan go back over 500 years to Renaissance India
There are two classifications of kirtan: . Nama Kirtan and Lila kirtan

Nama Kirtan
refers to singing the divine names of one's personal worshipful Deity.The understanding is that the name of God is non-different from God, because spiritual nature is absolute. In this way the devotee can associate with God through the sound representation of the divine name.Kirtans are sung in two moods or bhavas: Sambhoga bhava - this is the mood of joy that one experiences in association with the beloved. Vipralambha bhava - this is the mood of longing that one experiences during separation from the beloved.

Lila Kirtan
refers to singing about the transcendental pastimes of the Supreme, either in this realm, or in the eternal spiritual plane. There are different types of lila kirtans of which the most popular are:
- Pala kirtan - the singing and acting out of a particular pastime of one's chosen Deity.

-Padyavali kirtan - the singing of specific pastimes of divine love between Sri Krishna and His associates

-Astakaliya kirtan - is the 24 hour non-stop recitation in song, by one singer.

-Dhun - is similar to kirtan but is always expressed in sambhoga bhava . The words of the dhuns may not be mantras, but they are glorification of the divine names & pastimes of the Supreme, and thus have a similar effect as kirtan.

>My thoughts/u>/b>
Something about the kirtan experience goes beyond the music itself, goes to a deeper experience of vibration. We all resonate at different frequencies, and these frequencies change according to that we are doing and thinking.The kirtan gives us a time to come back to our center.
In the silence between the songs, when the song stops, I can feel something. And that something is me.That vibration is always within me, that vibration is me. That's the beauty of the chant experience-
with just a little effort i can feel one more vibration...



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