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Was ist eigentlich die Beziehung zwischen Marmas und Chakras?
Manchmal erscheint es mir so, als ob Marmas spezielle Chakras sind. Ist dem so?

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Marma Punkte sind eher so etwas wie Schalter um Energien in den verschiedenen Dhatus und Körpern zu regulieren. Ich beschäftige mich schon seit einigen Jahren mit Ayurveda und ohne Marmapunkte kann man nicht wirklich massieren.
Vielleicht hift dir das folgende Zitat ja etwas weiter.
Hari Om Tat Sat

"Marmas: Energy Points of Yoga and Ayurveda

Marmas are centers for the vital-force or Prana, the master power behind both physical and psychological processes. Marmas serve like pranic switches that can be used to turn Prana up or down, on or off at various places on the body. Through manipulation of marmas, Prana can be directed to remove blockages, improve energy flow or tap hidden energy reserves and make connections with the greater powers of life and nature. This makes marma therapy an important tool of 'energetic' or pranic healing'.

The condition of marmas is an important diagnostic tool in Ayurveda. At marma sites toxins, stress and negative emotions get lodged and are held, sometimes for years. Disease is reflected in pain, blockage or swelling in these areas even before it may manifest outwardly in the full range of disease Symptoms. Ayurvedic doctors palpate marmas as an integral part of patient examination and gain much information from them. Relieving pain, blockage or swelling at marma sites is an important therapeutic aid and one of the first stages of many Ayurvedic treatments.

Marmas are key locations for Ayurvedic bodywork and massage, The Ayurvedic vedic massage therapist will focus on marma regions that are in need of Stimulation or of release and use the appropriate methods to adjust their energy flow. Ayurveda treats marmas with pressure, heat, needles, massage oils, herbs or aromatic oils, providing many tools for working with internal energies through them.

Marmas are a common topic in the three great Ayurveda classics of Charaka, Sushruta and Vagbhatta, which provide a wealth of information on their location, function and application. Marma therapy can be used along with all Ayurvedic therapies from detoxification to tonification and rejuvenation, from seif-care to intricate clinical procedures like Pancha Karma.

Marmas and the System of Yoga

Marmas are key energy centers for the practice of yoga on all levels from yoga postures (Asanas) to deep meditation (Dhyana). Yoga postures affect the energy held in the limbs, joints and spine, which all contain important marmas. Asanas can be used to stimulate and balance marmas in various ways. Similarly, certain marmas can be manipulated while a person is performing various asanas in order to augment their effects.

Marmas connect to the nadis (subtle nerves) and chakras (energy centers) of the subtle body and the mind. They govern the Interface between the physical and subtle (pranic) bodies and the interchange of energy and information between them. This means that marmas are important for healing the subtle body as well as the physical body. Through using marmas we can restore the proper connection between the subtle body (our internal energy, moods and emotions) and the physical body (our material condition), resulting in increased health and vitality on both levels.

As the important bodily sites in which Prana is located, marmas can be used along with yogic breathing practices (Pranayama). Through yogic breathing, we can direct Prana through different marmas for healing purposes, improving their energy flow from within. Marmas are key places where stress and attachment accumulate, blocking the free flow of energy and awareness. They can be treated through relaxation techniques and the yogic practice of Pratyahara (yogic internalization methods and sensory therapies) to release such blockages.
Marmas similarly have a place in higher Yoga practices of concentration, mantra and meditation. Special mantras can be used with particular marmas in order to increase physical or psychological strength, adaptability and immunity. Those who meditate regularly become sensitive to the condition of marmas and aware of the flow of energy through them, which they can leam to modify through thought and will power alone. Through developing mental concentration, meditators can learn to energize or clear marma points, without requiring any external aids.
Therefore, a good Yoga teacher should possess a good knowledge of marmas and how they relate to various Yoga practices. A serious Yoga student should not overlook the location or function of marmas in developing an effective practice."

Zitat: Ayurveda and Marma Therapy
by Dr. David Frawley, Subash Ranade and Dr. Avinash Lele

Antworte auf diese Diskussion im Yoga Forum


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