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Ravi shankar


Kommentar von mk am 1. Februar 2012 um 4:15pm

Dieses wunderschoene yastakam wollte ich mit euch gibt noch eine Version von/mit Bhandari Narsimha und Urmila Devi Goenka, die "raubt" mir jedesmal den Atem und ruehrt mich zutiefst, bis das mir vor tiefer Freude die Traenen rollen...

na tAto na mAto na bandhur na dAta, na putro na putrI Na bhRtyo na bharta !
na jAyA na vidyA na vRttir mameva, gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekA bhavAnI !!

bhavaabdhaavapaare mahaaduHkhabhiiru papaata prakaamii pralobhii
pramattaH .kusa.nsaarapaashaprabaddhaH sadaahaM gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 2..

na jaanaami daanaM na cha dhyaanayogaM na jaanaami tantraM na cha
stotramantram.h .na jaanaami puujaaM na cha nyaasayogaM gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 3..

na jaanaami puNyaM na jaanaami tiirthaM na jaanaami muktiM layaM vaa
kadaachit.h na jaanaami bhaktiM vrataM vaapi maatargatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 4..

kukarmii kusaN^gii kubuddhiH kudaasaH kulaachaarahiinaH
kadaachaaraliinaH .kudR^ishhTiH kuvaakyaprabandhaH sadaahaM gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 5..

prajeshaM rameshaM maheshaM sureshaM dineshaM nishiitheshvaraM vaa
kadaachit.h .na jaanaami chaanyat.h sadaahaM sharaNye gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 6..

vivaade vishhaade pramaade pravaase jale chaanale parvate shatrumadhye .
araNye sharaNye sadaa maaM prapaahi gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 7..

anaatho daridro jaraarogayukto mahaakshiiNadiinaH sadaa jaaDyavaktraH .
vipattau pravishhTaH pranashhTaH sadaahaM gatistvaM gatistvaM tvamekaa
bhavaani .. 8..

... iti shriimadaadisha.nkaraachaarya virachitaa bhavaanyashhTakaM
samaaptaa ..

> udAsInaH stabdhaH satatam aguNaH saGgarahito
> bhavAM tAtaH kAtaH paramiha bhavej jIvanagatiH
> akasmAd asmAkaM yadi na kurute sneham atha tat
> vasasva svIyAntar vimala jaThare 'smin punarapi ..

-------------------------- > englische Uebersetzung (sorry!!!) deutsch mal zu eienem spaeteren Zeitpunkt <---------------- <> > "O my Lord Krishna in the form of Divine Mother!
> Why have you resorted to this indifference
> and negligence towards Your own helpless child
> who's been placed from time immemorial in
> the terrible hands of Your Maya Shakti,
> the generating power of ignorance,
> the power of Your own material energy!
> You're all knowing Lord and the Ocean of mercy!
> You haven't yet looked at my distress and sorrowful face.
> O Mother how can I attain any peace or joy!"

In this material world,
neither father, nor mother,
neither relatives nor helpers,
neither son nor daughter,
neither husband nor wife,
neither scriptural wisdom nor
professional knowledge - are mine.

Therefore, O Mother of the universe!
O Divine Consort of Lord Shiva!
You alone are my eternal Refuge !!

Having been fallen into the limitless ocean of birth and
death, ever tied myself by greed, pride, delusion and desire,
I am very fearful of this sorrowful existence.

Therefore, O Mother of the universe!
O Divine Consort of Lord Shiva!
You alone are my eternal Refuge !!

O Mother, I have made no charity;
I have done no meditation;
I have observed no rituals;
nor have I uttered any prayer or holy Name.
I have performed no worship;
nor have I purified myself through proper invocations.

Therefore, O Thou Mother of the universe,
Thou art my only Refuge; Thou art my only Shelter.

I do not know either the righteous deeds nor Your sacred abode nor
how to achieve freedom from material bondage by dissolving my ego.
I am unable to achieve Divine Love, not even inclined to follow
any spiritual descipline to attain it.

Therefore, O Mother of the universe!
O Divine Cons


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